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I'm a sailmaker, why should I sign up?
Prices, updates and tracking of sales! You will be able to buy Foilfeed products 24-7 by a couple of clicks. The wholesale prices mean, that everytime you mount a Foilfeed® on a sail, you make money (not to mention improving your products considerably). Foilfeed® keeps innovating and we'd like to keep all our business partners well informed, so by having a profile you'll be the first to know. Book keeping wise, you will be able to find all your previous purchases too, so whoever orders at the loft, tracking the receipt is never a problem.

The unique - and patended - Foilfeed® solutions have so many benefits for both sailmakers and sailors, that we aim to make these products a universal standard. We do that without blushing. So if you want to apply the state-of-the-art solutions on your sails, you'll have to get used to us...

If I sign up, will I be spammed?
No, we will not share any information with third party. If we somehow change our mind you will be asked to accept these new termes. But you push the button in that regard.

Can I just sell Foilfeed@ out of the shop on a retail basis?
By having a profile at Foilfeed® you will be considered a Business Partner and also an Outlet. The Foilfeed® H1 can be mounted by anybody with a sailmakers needle and thread, so this item can be sold to any customer coming by your business. Sold on the online-shop (at 37.95 Euro per item, ex. taxes and shipping), you will make a profit right away. The Foilfeed® M1 is slightly more complicated, since it is an integrated part of a mainsails product solution. And if some one insists on having an M1 installed on a used mainsail- you'll get the installment job at your rates, including the profit of selling Foilfeed®.

I'm special. Can I get special terms?
Foilfeed.com is set up in a Business 2.0 kind of way, by automating most processes and keeping most management costs down to a minimum. This way the whole operation can run the smoothest (innovation and logistics) and hence, you will be able to get the lowest possible prices. So basically, No! The only way you can really distinguish yourself is by the quantity per purchase after the old principle: The more buy, the more you save.